Current Projects

The following projects are areas of interest, and are being investigated by CCR.

Locate and Date Buried Sites on the Eastern Slope of the Uncompahgre Plateau
This project is sampling terraces in drainages on the eastern flank of the Uncompahgre Plateau in west-central Colorado to determine the most likely locations for finding buried archaeological sites and recording and dating discovered sites. Partners are BLM and USGS.

Create an Accessible Database of Colorado Projectile Points
This project is scanning, and recording associated information, on projectile points from private collections and museum curated collections to enable research using large numbers of projectile points associated with gridded locations across Colorado.

Projectile Point Typology Study
This project is investigating enhanced ways of quantifying projectile point typologies using various approaches to cluster analysis, including crowd sourcing.

Chaco Outlier Projectile Point Investigation
This project is investigating variation and similarities in projectile points between and within Chaco Outliers and Chaco Canyon sites.

Site Information Recovery Assessment
This project is investigating what archaeological information can be obtained from previously excavated or disturbed sites.

Dynamics of Obsidian Use in Western Colorado
This project is investigating the temporal and spatial patterns of obsidian used in western Colorado.